What is a Lease Transfer in New York

Lease transfers are an option that many people haven’t heard of in the past, but today they are becoming quite popular in New York. This is where one person who has a lease but isn’t happy with it will transfer the remaining months in their contract to another party. This often happens when a lease holder has a baby so they need a larger car, or when they are just looking for something new. No matter what the situation, it is a great way to exit a lease early without having to deal with all the fines and penalties that often come up.

Lots of Interest in Lease Transfers

While the interest in lease transfers is going up quickly, most people still can’t arrange the transfer on their own. Here at Car Lease Deals Direct, however, we get people talking to us about this option on a regular basis. This means that we will be able to match you up with another party who would like to complete the transfer with you. As long as everyone involved wants to move forward, we’ll take are of everything so each party is happy with the cars they are able to drive.

Helping with All the Lease Transfer Paperwork

A lease transfer is a big deal and needs to be handled properly to avoid potential legal issues with the original contract. Fortunately, lease transfers in New York are legal and allowed no matter where you started your original lease. Our team can help you with all the paperwork so you just have to sign a few things and you will be ready to go. If you are the one exiting your lease, we can also help you to find a new car that you love and either sell or lease it to you right away. This allows you to transfer out of the car you don’t want, and get a new car that you will love. To start the lease transfer process, please give us a call at 646-741-9750.